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(Fyi, see post from Chief Arvol Looking Horse below)


I wasn't aware three more white buffalo calves had been born.  

My gut feeling----fueled on perhaps by all sorts of seemingly
interconnected events like record-breaking weather conditions, 
decreased sperm count in males worldwide, explosion of more 
nuclear bombs in the earth, deformed frogs in multiple regions, 
fluctuating stock markets, and yes, indigenous prophecies----is telling 
me this year would be a good time for me to finally get settled with 
a piece of land and acquire some basic farming tools and seeds.  

A spider's web is pretty stable, until several key threads are 
disturbed, and then you will notice that it can *jerk* suddenly
as one side collapses.  A spider, like Gaia, will always rebuild the 
web and achieve new stability.  But like Gaia, some components of
the old web may no longer exist in the new configuration.  

In the larger scheme of evolutionary consciousness, I don't 
think it was any fluke that permaculture emerged in the 70's
and sustainable agriculture emerged in the 80's.   

Has PC and SA impacted sufficiently across the board to ward 
off web collapse, or merely shored up a few key threads that 
will enable certain portions of the system to remain intact should 
it "jerk"? 

This year (for some strange reason) seems like a good time for 
sustainable ag coalitions and activists to re-emphasize the 
importance of foodwebs and watersheds to community and 
land-grant university leaders. 

Steve Diver

June 21, 1998
****  A Call to World Peace  ****  Mitakuye Oyasin

My name is Chief Arvol Looking Horse. As the 19th Generation Keeper of
the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, I invite you to attend the third
World Peace Prayer Day at the Sacred Pipestone quarries in Pipestone,
Minnesota on June 21, 1998.

According to Lakota Star Knowledge, June 21 is set as time to pray.
Pipestone is the home of the stone from which our Sacred Pipes are
created, the place that holds the blood of our ancestors. The necessity
of the gathering was first brought to us in 1994 when the birth of the
first White Buffalo Calf signaled the changes that are coming & the
fulfilling of the prophecies of the seventh generation.

Since then, three more White Buffalo Calves have been born. Their birth
relates to our ceremonies & signifies the impact of what we are facing.
The prophecies have directed that we pray for four years at sacred sites
in the four directions on June 21st of each year.  Our prophecies tell
us that we are at the crossroads. We are faced with either chaos &
disaster, or we can unite spiritually in peace & harmony. It is time to
bring the message of the need for peace throughout the world. As a
keeper of a sacred bundle, I ask for prayers for Global Healing.

Our Mother Earth is suffering. Her gifts of water, trees, and air are
being abused. Her children the two-legged, the four-legged, those that
swim, crawl & fly are being annihilated. We continuously see these
atrocities. Our relatives, the animal nations reflect our well-being.
What happens to them happens to us. The buffalo, wolf, salmon, bear,
caribou, eagle & other relatives in this fragile ecosystem are in danger
& suffering. Their voices must be heard. They need our help.

This is a call to all peoples. We ask that all people join us in prayer
on June 21, 1998. If you are unable to be with us, we ask that you
gather at your own sacred site, wherever the Spirit guides you to pray.
To those that can join us we ask you to bring your stories & prayers. We
make a special call to the wisdom & sacred bundle keepers, our
storytellers, knowledge keepers, peace keepers.

We gather so that our future generations may survive through peace &
balance. In our circle of life there is no beginning no ending. The
process of mending the sacred hoop continues. May peace be with You, my
relatives. Mitakuye Oyasin, The gathering will take place in Pipestone,
Minn from June 19-21,1998.

Bring tobacco, food, a gift, sage & your own dishes to share For
information call (612) 837-1754 or E-mail: flattery at primeline.com


steved at ncatark.uark.edu

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