dirt or Earth?

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> >Many's the time I've heard 'spiritual' ideas eschewed as 'not
> >permaculture'. I personally disagree heartily, and see the entire
> >disastrous (no pun intended, fellow etymologists) situation before us now
> >as symptomatic of a culture which has disowned the interconnectedness of
> >which Marsha spoke.
> Guess I overstated my case if you took it to mean that I don't believe in
> the interconnectedness of all of it.  I certainly subscribe to the "Gaia
> Hypothesis" as a reasonable description of the planetary processes, where I
> do have problems is when sound gardening/farming practices are replaced
> with unproven weather buster tubes and other experimental (at best)
> techniques for feeding people.
I thought Marsha's ideas were right on target and described yet another
way to discover more about the world of plants. A form of meditation,
worthwhile and useful. Not quite in the weather buster realm.
Willem Reich was unjustly persecuted.
'Course men now have Viagra and may be muttering "we don' need no
steenkin' Orgone Boxes" no mo'.
In the end you've got to get out the digging spades and forks,
hoes, rakes and shovels and work the earth. 


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