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Guy Clark guyclark at socket.net
Tue Jun 9 19:57:06 EDT 1998

	Purple growing tips is generally a sign of phosphorous deficiency; it is
most often seen during the early season when low temperatures slow down the
processes and critters that make soil phosphorous available for plant
uptake.  It is important to get your phosphorous source where the roots
will be because phosphorous is mostly not mobile in the soil.  It does not
run off in the same way nitrogen does.  It gets into waterways when the
soil holding it is actually washed away.  Very little goes into solution.
	The weather here in Missouri has been even strange for us, which is saying
something.  The old saw here is, "Don't like the weather here, wait 15
minutes."  We had no winter to speak of, except for one day in March which
wiped out the peach crop.  April was constant rain.  May was 90 every day
without a drop of rain.  June was 92 one day, 5-7 inches of rain the next
with lows in the 40's, grey and cold, then another 3 inches of rain (that
is 8-10 inches of rain in 4 days).  And on and on.
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