Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at
Wed Jun 10 22:33:26 EDT 1998


	We just heard about your case too late to do much about it.  But the
situation remains the same and we cannot permit that it contues as
such.  Farmers must be made responsible for their drifting poisons and
we can only achieve that by making a LOT of noise.

	You will have to go home and heal your wounds, but the war cannot stop

	As your lawyer did such a "good job" on your case, I suggest that you
pay his debt off one dollar a month.  He deserves it.  That will give
him time to think it over...

Dennis M. Fett wrote:
> We are sad to say but three lawyers have said we have no case for appeal
> and our lawyer did not prove our case in trial...the state laws did not
> count only the proof from us on damages and our word means nothing....we
> have 16 days to appeal but all hope is now gone!!!!...a very sad day for
> organic people!!!!  We will not be able to pay the expenses for our case
> which are now $3000.00....we will write more on our page and after we get
> over from the depression...we will try to put our lives back together if
> we can....we only got emails from 3 people and some of the words helped
> but aside from a miracle from God it is over...

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