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Lee Flier lflier at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 8 23:49:30 EDT 1998

John Schinnerer wrote:

>	In Hawai'i, where Roundup is always on sale at the local hardware
>store in gallon jugs of concentrate, the common vernacular for Roundup, etc.
>is in fact the word "poison."...

>	...so don't be surprised if any initial impact of the word "poison"
>wears off rather quickly...

LOL... yeah, same thing with "KILLING".  In fact, I was really appalled by
a recent Home Depot ad I saw in Mother Earth News.  They pictured a whole
bunch of different power tools (lawn mower, weed whacker, chain saw, etc.)
under the banner headline, "Weekend Warriors, get ready to do battle!"  The
whole ad read like an ad for a shoot-em-up video game.  Some people
actually LIKE this kind of thing - get their aggressions out on innocent
plants, have permission to poison and license to kill.  Great.

Me, I'd rather get my aggressions out on whatever idiot planted a bunch of
azaleas in my front yard in full sun.  Not only that, but in the ONLY 200
square feet or so of full sun in the WHOLE yard.  Spent most of the day
moving them under a tree where they'll be happy... 

= Lee =

Lee A Flier
lflier at mindspring.com
Atlanta and Ellijay, Georgia, U.S.A.

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