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Hello friends at the garden!

	The case of Dennis is one of many of this type, where organic growers 
have their produce poisoned by neighbors.  It is an opportunity to bring
this whole question to the forefront ( I see a parallel to the McLibel
case) .  In any case,  it would be nice for him to feel supported, as he
wrote me that until  now he has been completely alone in his struggle. 
	In fact what is being tested  IN COURT is to what point do people  have
the right to poison others without their consent.  If Dennis loses this
case, it will be a precedent saying that agrochemical farmers ARE NOT
RESPONSIBLE for what happens with their poisons.  

	I think all of you catch onto the symbolic significance of this case,
and the immense opportunity it offers.

	It would be interesting if we all  transmit this case to as many 
organizations and persons who might be interested in it.

	It is a marvellous opportunity  for humanity to make a big step

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