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At 09:25 PM 6/8/98 +0000, Miekal And wrote:
>Marsha Hanzi wrote:
>  As these plants are now reacting to energetic imbalances in
>> the planet, it is becoming increasingly useful to  include energetic
>> strategies in the treatment. 
>What kind of results have you gotten from energy work with the plants. 
>Have you noticed any difference in the orange trees that you are
>treating in this way?  In what form are you transmitting the flower
>essences?  Isnt the potency of such solutions related to the intent of
>of the "gardener"?  & if so, are radionic, crystals & psychotronics in
>general actually necessary, couldnt a gardener work with the energetics
>of the land in the same way a shaman heals a patient?
>Dreamtime Village
Seems to me you could also consult the Tarot, throw the I Ching, roll the dice,
balance the plant's chakras, perhaps a little phrenology, or Mesmerism.  One
of my favorites is to dye myself green and do the sweet pea frug.  Some
folks get the best results by consulting the Akashic record on the previous
incarnations of a particular plant, I never liked this method because I had
to use a medium and it wasn't a very satisfying "hands on" experience.

Working with the patterns of nature seems very effective and if you are a
good intuitive gardener your results might even resemble permaculture, but
that is a little "old age" for some of us.

Good Luck!

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