California dams come down (fwd)

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Tue Jul 21 08:48:03 EDT 1998

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With the enviromental disasters being reported world wide, re dams etc.
it seems important to keep everyone aware of the pressure from engineers
and Industry to keep doing the same DAM things.

Don't believe everything you read. I live about 40 miles from Butte Creek
on the other side of the Sacramento Valley, and the state and federal dam
builders are intensively studying our area as a one of four possible sites
for another dam project. For the past two months we have had three or
parties of specialists a week studying our ranch for frogs, plants, birds,
rodents, indian remains, etc; all as preliminaries to selecting the final
place. Rather depressing prospect, but all of the field crews have been
very nice and informative...and they say it is wonderful to come out here
because of all the diversity and interesting things they usually don't see.
Fat lot of good that will do us, if some bureaucrat feels whimsical.

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