doggies toilet

William Bryan Evans williamevans at
Sat Jul 11 13:40:30 EDT 1998

sink a big nursery can in the ground. fashion a lid of wood or other
stout material.  dump your "lawn mines" (doo) into the can /cover w/
thin layer of compost and some soil.watreer little bit and add handful
of worms keep fillijng the can this way until full then start another
one. Depending on demand, I think you cpould get by w/ three or four
cans before going back to first and dig out to feed your ornamental
plantsor hot compost pile.course this method conditional on having a
source of manure worms to clean up the "soil"simple enough to start
william evans

Steve Robinson wrote:
> hi there,
> i was wondering of anyone had any information on composting toilets for
> dogs...i seem to remember a few years ago a commercial product which
> utilised some enzyme or another - does anyone know anything about this
> or any other viable stategy for dealing with this?
> thanx
> steve

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