spittlebugs & daddy longlegs

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Wed Jul 22 13:06:10 EDT 1998

	There was a follow up to the first film, Koyaanisqatsi, called Powaqqatsi
done by Godfrey Reggio and Phillip Glass which expands the concept into the
rest of the world.  When Glass was here three or so years ago, I asked him
about a third film and he said that they were trying to get the money
together to do another film.  Reggio did another film I believe on insects,
but I am not sure.
	The bugs here in Missouri are incredible this year.  The 221 year
confluence of the 13 and 17 year cicadas (Magicicada septendecim.) , the
emergence of the Harvestman cicada which does little damage, seven kinds of
critters attacking all the cucurbits at the same time etc. ad nauseum.  We
have had beetles and bugs I have never seen before including one my Father
brought home from work that was 2+ inches long, 1 inch wide and 1/2 inch
thick.  It was a greyish beetle with black spots on its back.
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