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Keywords: Educational Institute, Organic, Natural Farming, Sustainable

Abstract:  This document describes the formation of a non-profit corporate
institution for the teaching and implimentation of Ecological-Synergy(tm)
principles for long-term sustainable agriculture in Washington State, USA.
It contains a synopsis of historical perspectives on the perceived necessity
for such an institute coming into existence.  Short-term objectives are
described.  Communications from interested parties are requested.


     July 2, 1998.  The paperwork is completed for filing with the Washington
Secretary of State for the founding of a non-profit corporation under Revised
Code of Washington RCW 24.03.  This corporation is to be named "Morning Star
Institute of Ecological Synergy", and will be a research and teaching
establishment.  The founders are brothers Lion Kuntz and Stephen Kuntz.
Steve is prior founder of a successful wolf conservation and education
non-profit corporation, Wolf Haven International.  Lion is the developer of
the system and principles named "Ecological Synergy(tm).  Recommendations for
Initial Directors of the Board and/or members of an Advisory Board should be
forwarded to email address: LionKuntz at

     Ecological-Synergy(tm) is defined as a system using a specified
collection of techniques and knowledge to foster various lifeforms into
functional communities which promote optimal conditions for long-term
sustainable human habitation and agricultural productivity.  An ecologically
synergistic community is composed of microscopic lifeforms, plants, insects,
livestock and people.  Nothing is taken away by the introduction of
Ecological-Synergy(tm) -- one more option has been added.

     There are multiple reasons why this organization should exist.
"Organic" farming as popularized by the Rodale publishing family has tended
over decades of evolution to move into directions which have become
"phamaceutical quality", which is a standard of purity so extreme that few
farmers care to try to qualify.  As a consequence, growth of organic
certified farming has grown very slowly.  Oregon Tilth, for example only
certifies about 200 farms after twenty years of operation, or about 10 per
year average growth.

     The recent flap over national FDA "organic" standards demonstrates that
the organic label is subject to local variations, and that there is wide
divergence in opinions as to what constitutes a reliable safe food supply.
There is room in all this diversity for yet another informed opinion.
Morning Star Institute of Ecological Synergy (I.E.S.) is created for the
purpose of being a repository of knowledge of ecological synergy interactions
of lifeforms; to perform research, tests and experiments; teach important
principles and techniques; and publish and distribute knowledge in forms
easily understood.  There is room in America for another voice.

     Like Rodale Institute, which has an experimental farm, and unlike Oregon
Tilth, which has no experimental farm, I.E.S. will have an experimental
farm(s) which will test competing theories to produce definitive results.
These results will be available to fill the vacuum presently occupied by
superstition and unfounded biases.

     Dividing wealth into two parts, physical and metaphysical (knowledge),
I.E.S. is dedicated to multiplying both types.  Ecological-Synergy(tm)
knowledge and techniques have already proven effective in past tests, but
there was not an entity to act as a repository of this knowledge.  The
non-profit corporate structure provides the vessel to add this knowledge to
the permanent planetary metaphysical commonwealth.

     I.E.S. has additional puroses, including to develop, protect, license,
and impliment techniques and related knowledge which safeguard ecological
relationships and enhances them.  I.E.S. is charged with helping in
developing small business owner-operated farms, researching replacements of
satisfactory or superior substitutes for known ecology damaging lifestyles
and practices, to render obsolete destructive practices and mindsets, to
protect species at risk plus their habitat essential conditions, to provide
alternative economic incentives to promote biodiversity, and to promote
legislative reforms necessary for healthy ecological perpetuation.

     This is a full plate, and can keep an Institute busy for generations.
Morning Star I.E.S. is to be endowed with donations of intellectual property
by founder Lion Kuntz, which if developed under I.E.S. charter can provide
financial and material security for the early period of the organization's
progress.  Initial progress will follow opportunities which present
themselves, mindful to keep to the stated purposes of the organization.

     Persons committed to human participation in sustainable communities of
lifeforms, protecting endangered species, cultivating reliable safe food
supplies and all related subjects are invited to communicate via email.
Additional documents in MS Word(tm) format are available, or by facimile
transmission by describing your interests to LionKuntz at  CC:
LionKuntz at


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