revised dates for PA Pc Practicum

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Mon Jul 6 17:43:52 EDT 1998

              in Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Mt. Nebo, Southern Lancaster County, SE Pennsylvania
   Saturday, October 17 - Saturday, October 24, 1998

     Join us in designing a Permaculture Education & Demonstration 
Centre. This one week Design Practicum will introduce Permaculture and 
focus on Design, including landuse planning, water catchment, 
cleaning, and reuse,   sustainable building technologies, alternative 
energy sources, organic food production, and community economics.
      This course, combined with a previously taken PC Fundamentals 
Course, will qualify participants for a Permaculture Design Apprentice 
Certificate.  If you have no previous Permaculture experience, we will 
recommend a list of required readings.

Instructors: Monica Kuhn,  Darrell Frey, John Irwin, and Guests

Costs: $490*, including meals, tuition, & camping on site; indoor 
         accomodation per arrangment
    [*10% discount with application  received by 9/23, Vernal Equinox]

Host & Contact:    John Irwin, Editor of the North American 
                            Permaculture Directory
                              130 Creamery Road, Pequea PA 17565-9712
                               Ph: (717) 284-6318; Fax: -4425
                                Email: pcdirect at

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