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Subject: URL: Web of On-line Dictionaries

Howdy, all--

Those of you who do international or multicultural work--including 
Agricola searches for items in languages other than English--might 
appreciate this URL:

A Web of On-Line Dictionaries

It points to about 400 dictionaries, specialized reference books,
thesauri, etc., in 130 languages.  It also points to on-line 
grammars, language identifiers, and multi-language dictionaries.  
Pretty amazing resource.

Among the specialized resources it points to:

The LOGOS Dictionary
(Over 40 languages; can do phrases as well as words)

Nevada Division of Water Planning Water Words Dictionary
(Technical water quality-related terms)

NetLingo Dictionary
(Internet and computer-related terms, includes a pocket dictionary 
you can call up on your Web browser, and it'll sit there for later 

English Dictionary of Biotechnology
(Life sciences)

Samuel Adams Beer Dictionary
(This is small grains related, thank you)

Glossary of Botanical Terms
(Hort, gardening, landscape architecture, botany)

These might come in handy for those of you working with farmers on
legal/land stuff:

Dictionary of Legal Terms

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

In addition to finding what I was searching for (names of small
grains and farming tools in different languages) thru these 
resources, I learned these useful food-related phrases in Klingon:

"Where do you keep the chocolate?"
nuqDaq yuch Dapol 

"Am I supposed to eat this?"  
Dochvam vISop net pIH'a'?

A tribble-skinner 
yIHmey SurghwI' 

And the motto of Klingon PR folks for certain corporations that shall 
remain nameless:
jIQum 'ej jIHoH 
(I communicate and I kill)


Michele Gale-Sinex, communications manager
Center for Integrated Ag Systems 
UW-Madison College of Ag and Life Sciences
Voice: (608) 262-8018   FAX: (608) 265-3020
The whole of science is nothing more than 
a refinement of everyday thinking. -Albert Einstein

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