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Hi, Vic

I don't think the Hundredth Monkey MUST be relegated to myth or legend. But
it is "mythic" in the sense that it is a story that explains some phenomenon
of nature (Webster's New World Dictionary, 2nd College ed.) -- namely, the
ability of very small numbers of individuals to influence the behaviors of
very large numbers of individuals and (my own meaning) the seamlessness of
our relationship to others of our kind. To such meaning, the debunkers are
merely irrelevant.

To me, myths are transcendent stories, filled with meaning. So I would say
this story might "rise" to the mythic level, rather than be relegated to it. 

Glad you pitched in on this one. 


At 04:17 PM 1/12/98, you wrote:
>>Thank you all for this incredibly rich discussion!  The discussion of
>>Sheldrake's ideas makes me think instantly of another great holographic
>>thinker, Dr. Lewis Thomas, whose book, The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a
>>Biology Watcher, I read back in 1974 (still have it).  The Medusa and the
>>Snail is yet another of his books that I love. 
>> Camilla
>Hi, I want to ask whether the story of the hundred momkeys, which inspires
>much positive cameraderie, must be relegated to a myth or legend, with it's 
>own truth untoucheable by the debunkers.
>Call it faith or whatever, the fact that we can improve ourselves, by prayer
>or collective thought is constantly being proven to me within the thinking
>of and within our list. That someone saw and chose to claim this with 
>monkeys doesn't alter it's truth or reality. (simply because someone choses
>to claim it wasn't true) true or not it is a wonderful anology.
>Wonderful things happen when we love our neigbhour as ourselves. What about
>loving ? (God) with all our heart , soul and might. I must confess my love
>for all that HM stands for. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could step back and 
>let the African plains just "be".
>>On 8 Jan 1998 d.richardson at wrote:
>>> At 04:00 PM 1/8/98, baphillips at wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>> >Anyone interested in the "truth" of the phenomena described in HM -- hmmm,
>>> >Hundredth Monkey has the same initials as Holistic Management -- might want
>>> >to check into the work of Rupert Sheldrake. He tries to pry us loose from
>>> >our mechanistic world view (the debunker's world view, by the way) and
>>> >propel us into a holistic one in which we are connected through "morphic
>>> >fields."His books include The Rebirth of Nature and A New Science of Life.
>>> >In one of the most readable of his works, The Presence of the Past, he
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