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>Available from:
>ZED Books, 7 Cynthia St, London N1 9JF, UK (fax +44-171-8333960), or
>St Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10010, USA
>And Amazon.com:
>A Trainer's Guide for Participatory Learning
>Laurens van Veldhuizen, Ann Waters-Bayer, Henk de Zeeuw, ETC Netherlands
>This manual is written for trainers in governmental and non-governmental
>development organizations who are preparing their staff to work together
>with farmers in developing technologies appropriate to ecological
>agriculture and using few external inputs. The training is designed to
>stimulate active learning by participants who draw on their own
>experience, an approach which mirrors the type of interaction between
>facilitator and farmers in Participatory Technology Development (PTD).
>PTD in agriculture is a process of interaction between local people and
>outside facilitators to develop more sustainable farming systems. It
>starts with a joint analysis of the situation, an activity commonly known
>as Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). It continues by including
>participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of local
>development activities. The heart of PTD is experimentation with new ideas
>designed and conducted by farmers with the encouragement of PTD
>Each of the four parts of the book contains learning units in which key
>concepts are explained and learning modules are presented, together with
>sample overheads, cases, games, role-plays etc. The book grew out of an
>international workshop of PTD trainers working in developing countries,
>and has been field-tested by trainers over the past five years.
>1. Basic Orientation and Skills
>2. Towards an Agenda for Action
>3. Farmers' Experimentation
>4. Spreading and Consolidating the PTD Process
>Development Studies/Agriculture/Science and Technology
>Hb 1 85649 489 6 =A3 39.95 $59.95   Pb 1 85649 490 X =A3 8.95 $15.00
>230 pp Illustrations 297 x 210 mm
>Dr Ann Waters-Bayer
>Rohnsweg 56, D-37085 Goettingen, Germany
>Tel. +49-551-485751/86, Fax 47948
>Email: wb.waters at LINK-GOE.de

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