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Martin Anda anda at
Wed Jan 7 00:32:38 EST 1998

Hi permies

Will any of you be interested in organising a PAWA seminar with John on the
evening of 29/1?

Warwick and Gillian

Would you like him to visit you at Rosneath Farm?

Please see profile on John Papworth below and check the Itinery currently
under construction below and let me know if your nomination is satisfactory:

27/1	Pick up at aiport by Martin Anda, drive through tour of Perth
(including East Perth City Farm?), tour of ETC, afternoon tea with the
MUPETS, drive through tour of Fremantle.

Dinner and accom. at John Croft and Vivienne Elanta at the Gaia Foundation
of W.A. in East Victoria Park

28/1	APACE (am or pm?)
	Lunch with Dee Margets
	New Economics Group (am or pm?)
	Ian Alexander UWA? (Jo Dillon will organise this meeting)

Pot luck dinner at Jo Dillon, 25 Surrey Road, Rivervale, 6103, 9362 3482
(mob 0417937114) (Accommodation here from now on)

29/1	am ISTP morning tea,
	Lunchtime seminar at Environmental Science Room 2.59
	pm RADG and MUERI (Murdoch University Energy Research Institute)
	eve Permaculture Association of WA (I have not made contact yet)

>30/1	am Peter Devereaux 9382 3503 (Community Aid Abroad, Overseas
>Service Bureau, One World Centre, 99 Hay Street, Subiaco)
>	lunchtime seminar organised by Rodney Vlais
>	pm Depart for York and Peter Kenyon's Centre for Small Town
>Development (see p7 of last Sunday's Sunday Times)
	Continue south to Dunsborough.

>31/1	Warwick & Gillian Rowell, Rosneath Farm ecovillage, Dunsborough
	(I have not made contact with them yet)

>1/2	Margaret River tour (This can mainly be rubbernecking but there is
>the Margaret River River Alternative Technology Association and community
>garden (Shelley Cullen and co.)
>2/2	Depart

Australian Visit
7 January -8 March 1998

Recently, the following fax from London based, John Papworth was received.

"It occurred to me that I should let you know that I shall be visiting
Australia from January to March 1998.  I want to obtain some first hand
impressions of a part of the world I have never before visited and to
promote my book SMALL IS POWERFUL. I also want to see and report at first
hand the effects of the europoly on your economic conditions.  Not least I
would very much like to meet up with radical people and have an exchange of
views on how we can advance thinking and action in relation to the
gathering stormclouds of the global crisis, as well as to do a modicum of
rubber-necking in lands where I am assured there are magnificent vistas of
unspoilt natural life to be appreciated.

I shall be available to address meetings or conferences (and should be
grateful for details of any upcoming events that I might be able to attend
- if only as a reporter), to talk with the press of other media
representatives, to take school or university classes, to participate or
preach in Anglican church services, to speak at informal gatherings in
people's homes or to be of service in any way which will assist.

Apart from the pleasure of meeting you, I would be most grateful for any
help you can give in setting up my itinerary.  I plan to arrive in
Australia on January 7th and to travel to different parts of the country by
bus or rail over a period of four weeks.  I shall then go on to Melbourne
for a stay in Australia of approximately 2 months.

My contacts in both countries are very few and if my visit is to be of
value and not simply a run around, I shall be heavily dependent on local
people for advice, sponsorship, programme contacts and always reciprocally
of course, hospitality.  Please feel free to make use of me in any way you
can .....

Best wishes, John Papworth"


While in Australia, John seeks to meet radical thinkers and exchange views
on how we can advance thinking and action in relation to the global crisis
we face.

He will be reporting on the impact of globalisation on the Australian
economic condition, and the creative solutions Australian communities are
engaging in to bring forth a positive and community-based future.

In addition, John wishes to promote his latest book SMALL IS POWERFUL: The
future as if people really mattered - a trumpet-blast against giantism, a
clarion call for societies to realise that they have overreached themselves
and become too big.  He argues that it is vital for human survival that we
scale down our monster institutions and reinstate human-scale communities.
His message is that people have lost control of the decision-making process
and he pleas for an urgent return to the democratic sanity of community

London-based, John Papworth will be available for interviews, meetings,
lectures, sermons, classes and commentaries around Australia from 7 January
to 8 March 1998.

His itinerary is as follows:
January 7-18        Melbourne,
January 19-27       Adelaide
Jan 28 - 2 Feb      Perth
February 5-18       Sydney
February 19-23      Nthn NSW
Feb 24 - March 3    Brisbane
March 4 - 8     Darwin


John Papworth has been a prophet of community democracy for more than 30
years, both influencing and being influenced by his close friends and
associates Leopold Kohr, Jayaprakash Narayan and Fritz Schumacher.

Born London 1921. Non-stipendiary Anglican Priest (under licence to
officiate from the Bishop of London, or least was, until his remarks about
the non-sinfulness of shoplifting in giant stores attracted global
attention in the media - ABC  TV 16/4/97), economist (London University
graduate), journalist, futurist, ecologist, social, political and economic

Founder Editor of RESURGENCE, Founder Associate Editor of THE ECOLOGIST,
Founder of THE FOURTH WORLD REVIEW (The World of Small Nations, Small
Communities and The Inalienable Sovereignty of The Human Spirit), Chairman
Former Editorial Consultant to GREENPEACE, for nine years Personal
Assistant to the Former President of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda.  Recently
starred in the BBC film NO MAN IS AN ISLAND and been the subject of another
film made privately entitled Turbulent Priest.

Has just completed his latest book Why the London School of Economics
should be Shut Down and a small pocket book of his collected aphorisms.  Is
already working on a new book  The Democratic Deficit and on his

Has travelled extensively in Africa, America, Latin America, Asia and
Europe where his lecture tours, promoting the need for radical alternatives
to current institutional approaches, as well as his Shakespeare readings,
have drawn capacity audiences.


In response to John's request, I have agreed to co-ordinate his visit to

I am calling for people/organisations who are willing to facilitate his
stay in each state.

I am also seeking people interested in meeting with John, organising
lectures, classes, public talks, sermons, events, interviews, dinner
parties to meet people of your network, informal gatherings, opening your
house to him, offering to show him around your part of the country or
perhaps facilitating his movement around your area.

I am finalising his itinerary before his arrival on Jan 7.  There is a lot
of flexibility within the following dates, however his time is rapidly
being taken up so please contact me as soon as possible so we can schedule
his time appropriately...


Morag Gamble
The International Society for Ecology and Culture
email: syzygy at

until 4 January and after 19 January
PO Box 167, Wilston Qld 4051
ph: (07) 3857 8775

from 5 January - 18 Jan
28 Summit Cres, Ringwood Vic 3134
ph: (03) 9870 4370

see also:

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