Workshop Opportunity: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Kate Brown snkbrown at
Sun Jan 4 13:17:23 EST 1998

Diagnosing the Land - An =D2Ecosystem Processes=D3 approach to assessing an=
monitoring land health on  5 acres or 5 thousand. =20

This workshop will outline the four fundamental ecosystem processes,=20
characteristics of these processes in effective (regenerative) and=20
ineffective (degenerative) mode, and the root causes of a degenerative=20
system.  Day two of the workshop will focus on the technique of=20
biological monitoring for assessment and evaluation and will include an=20
in-the-field opportunity to diagnose and evaluate current land conditions.

Get the diagnosis before you take the perscription!  A must-do before=20
embarking on any land management strategy and a vital addition to=20
pre-design mapping and assessment.

9 am - 5 pm Feb. 14; 10 am - 2 pm Feb. 15.  505 Camino de los Marquez.
Workshop fee $45.  Call 505-782-2431 for information and registration.

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