Letters to the Editor, PIJ

Avalon Bruce avalonb at nwol.net
Sun Jan 4 12:53:21 EST 1998

in re: your 'everything has a place in the scheme of things' comments,
could you please tell me JUST HOW BERMUDA grass fits into MY world?  or
more specifically, my flowerbeds and garden?  it REALLY is a 'weed' to
me, not edible, and it's discovered the secret to eternal life -- you
can BUILD on top of the danged stuff, tear the building down 40 years
later, and it will just come back, nice and lush!

the ONLY thing i've heard of to kill it out and make roomfor a garden is
FULL STRENGTH ROUNDUP (which i won't use), 4jiggers to a gallon of water
w/ one jiggerof liquid dish soap, sprayed on the blasted stuff!

it's either that or grub it out by hand -- it's immune to ALL disease
and insect,let alone duck predation andif you leave ONE tiny, brown
broken sprig, you'll have another whole LAWN to eradicate in four months
of watering!

now tell me again, the redeeming merits of BERMUDA GRASS!

avalonb at nwol.net

Rene and Lorraine van Raders wrote:
> Dear PIJ
> Re Cats and Dogs

The Earth is not given to us by our parents.
It is loaned to us by our children.

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