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Avalon Bruce avalonb at
Thu Jan 1 09:27:51 EST 1998

am new to permaculture list -- do you know of anyone in way EASTERN new
mexico or
the el paso area who could come out here this summer and TEACH a short
course on

i have four GRAND, GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL acres in the northern chihuahuan
desert --

30 miles in 3 directions to small towns, crane, monahans and fto

we (in imperial) are between I-20 and I-10.  i'd be glad to arrange
provide housing (have old, 9 room ranch house), etc.  we have a
sweatlodge here, 
and are only l4 miles from a HUGE inland 'lake', imperial reservoir/lake
-- pretty area
if you like desert, mesquite, cacti, and critters -- even  moutains way
off on horizon

this used to be a big truck farming area, with lots of good, cheap
irrigation water

soil is clayey but will grow anything the wind doesn't beat to a pulp --
but being
desert, we only get 6-l0 inches of rain/annually and need to make the
MOST of what
resources we have!

achitu. avalon
The Earth is not given to us by our parents.
It is loaned to us by our children.

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