Toxics in Urban Soils

FionaNyx at FionaNyx at
Fri Jan 30 23:27:15 EST 1998

I don't think it's responsible to encourage urban growing without considering
this and being able to tell people how to assess their soil.

I am interested in:

1)  Specifically, info about how much of a risk are lead (paint flaking over
decades),  copper (from roof & downspouting), termite treatments that may have
been done near dwellings (Dursban, etc...) & the mixture of contaminants (&
what are the dangerous ones) from surface runoff from paved areas in areas
with lots of car use for the last century?

2) AND how to treat the above.

3) AND what cropping can be done safely during treatment or without treatment?

4)  Contact info & recommendations of providers of reasonably priced soil
testing which will cover all contaminants that could be of concern (what's bad
& likely to be there or so bad it's better to check anyway).

5)  Input as to what those contaminants are (defines a list, discussions about
where they are likely) and/ or references which treat this subject.


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