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Please let us know when you have found more about Japanese Permaculture
I have two actual homepage links AND a link to the global directory
(unfortunately some people claim it wont link for them but I can't see why
as it does for us here)
hope they help,
and hope you can help us improve the list and happenings/connections for
enquires from Japan,

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>Hello everybody, My name is Masahiro Horiuchi. I live in Tokyo, Japan.
>I joined this list just few days ago, and this is my first posting.
>At 16:29 98/01/23 -0800, Eric Storm wrote:
>> Also - Connections in / with Japan -
>> I have strong connections with Japan, though, so far, very few with
>> connections to Permaculture there.  I am currently building my vacabulary
>> base (a large task for me) to be able to discuss, translate and or teach
>> Permaculture in Japanese.  I would love to compile a list of Japanese
>> doing or interested in Pc.  I have recently seem mentions of it on the
>> listing and will follow up on them, but any info on anyone else with such
>> list would be appreciated.
>> Eric Storm
>> Sebatopol, CA, USA
>I would say 'Permaculture' in Japan is still very weak.. but this is only a
>matter of label. There is a great influence of Masanobu Fukuoka, and many
>farmers practice their own ways to put 'organic' farming into practice. I
>buy totally organically grown vesitables from a local farmer in Tokyo who
>practices mulching in his unique way. He even has a windmill to pump up
>water. He did not study 'Permaculture', but he definetely practices it.
>Number of Pc designers in Japan is still very small because Pc design
>have not be given in Japan yet. There will be the first and the last Pc
>design course for Japanese people (with an interpreter) given by Bill
>Mollison himself next month. This special course is arranged for all his
>retirement because he promised to hold one for the Japanese when he came to
>Japan two years ago. I imagine this event will drive Japanese
>to a stronger movement.
>If you want to get a Japanese Pc-related listing, you should write to
>Mr.Kiyokazu Shitara <ye6k-str at> of Permacuture Center Japan.
>Masahiro Horiuchi <masa at>
>Setagaya, Tokyo Japan

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