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Masahiro Horiuchi masa at
Sat Jan 24 21:50:49 EST 1998

Hello everybody, My name is Masahiro Horiuchi. I live in Tokyo, Japan.
I joined this list just few days ago, and this is my first posting.

At 16:29 98/01/23 -0800, Eric Storm wrote:
> Also - Connections in / with Japan - 
> I have strong connections with Japan, though, so far, very few with
> connections to Permaculture there.  I am currently building my vacabulary
> base (a large task for me) to be able to discuss, translate and or teach
> Permaculture in Japanese.  I would love to compile a list of Japanese people
> doing or interested in Pc.  I have recently seem mentions of it on the
> listing and will follow up on them, but any info on anyone else with such a
> list would be appreciated.
> Eric Storm
> Sebatopol, CA, USA

I would say 'Permaculture' in Japan is still very weak.. but this is only a
matter of label. There is a great influence of Masanobu Fukuoka, and many
farmers practice their own ways to put 'organic' farming into practice. I
buy totally organically grown vesitables from a local farmer in Tokyo who
practices mulching in his unique way. He even has a windmill to pump up well
water. He did not study 'Permaculture', but he definetely practices it.

Number of Pc designers in Japan is still very small because Pc design couses
have not be given in Japan yet. There will be the first and the last Pc
design course for Japanese people (with an interpreter) given by Bill
Mollison himself next month. This special course is arranged for all his
retirement because he promised to hold one for the Japanese when he came to
Japan two years ago. I imagine this event will drive Japanese 'Permaculture'
to a stronger movement.

If you want to get a Japanese Pc-related listing, you should write to
Mr.Kiyokazu Shitara <ye6k-str at> of Permacuture Center Japan.

Masahiro Horiuchi <masa at>
Setagaya, Tokyo Japan

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