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Subject: semi-perennial systems Tropics

RE: semi-perennial vegetable crops production

Is anyone aware of any studies/references dealing with the
semi-perennial (or long-term? say 1-3 yrs) production of vegetables in
the tropics? Any suggestions on key-words to use in a data-base search?

Prolonged growing & harvesting periods, may reduce soil disturbance
(especially in high lands), may promote ecologically more stable
systems, and may also result on labor-savings. In tropical/sub-tropical
areas extended plantings are seen in some places with such crops as
eggplant, pepper, tomato, with some legumes, to an extent with some
cucurbits, and with some leafy crops such as collards or basil.

Any thoughts or leads would be appreciated.

Hector Valenzuela
Horticulture, Univ. Hawaii at Manoa
hector at

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