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Fri Jan 23 11:50:20 EST 1998

> Barnes & Noble 
> ...oughtn't we sustaggies use sustainable ag to teach a
> progressive/local ethic of communication and business as well as a
> progressive/local ethic of land use and community?  And to challenge
> things like the lifestyle of the shopping mall and the mega-store?
Well, here we are on the Net, not exactly a sustainable technology and
not exactly local either!

One must not cut off one's nose to spite one's face. We are in an
imbalanced, toxic mode of living, and to get it back to balance and
health will take lots more than resenting the situation with which we
are faced.

Sure it sucks that the mega-corps are sucking out local biz. I watched
my favorite health food store die under the shadow of Fresh Fields,
however, what also killed them was mismanagement. But anyway, my point
is better to have a talk on CSA at Barnes and Noble than none at all.
Moreover, perhaps, just maybe, one person who never heard of CSA and who
wouldn't be in the local bookstore but goes to B&N, will get turned on.

We must always see how we can direct our energies into the positive. I
mean that's what permaculture is all about. It's Aikido of the land
(among other things). Don't grumble about B&N; find out how to use it
while it's there, perhaps w/ a vision of how not to need it anymore,
like PC.

As we heal and balance and reshape our society it is VITAL that we be
flexible with the circumstances in which we are living.

Two lines from singer Ani DiFranco:
"What doesn't bend breaks."
"Every tool is a weapon if you use it right."

Keep the Good energy flowing!
Happy gardening!
cotyledons are my wings

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