Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at sunsite.unc.edu
Thu Jan 22 23:05:27 EST 1998

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Michael Miller & Ute Bohnsack wrote:

> go as far as checking out the ML it might be a more suitable forum. If it
> was renamed to "own.garden.permaculture" or "own.farming.permaculture" it
> might even be hit upon by keen gardeners and farmers who otherwise simply
> wouldn't find the list and thus might never hear about pc. I know pc is
> much broader than *just* gardening or farming but it seems to me that that
> is the sort of entry point for most people. You know what I mean?
> As I said I don't know who is behind the newsgroup so I don't know who to
> address with this suggestion.

Wasn't this and the rest of the own.*.* newsgroups started and managed by
Thilo Pfennig (in Germany? Denmark?)? I know that he _did_ start
a whole heirarchy of newsgroups (eco, pc & social activist), and was
serving them from his own machine. He probably reads this list.

Thilo, are you around? 


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