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	I like the "Ironically Grown" label idea.  I also like Rodale's term
"Regenerative."  Does the Demeter Society have a term they have been using
for years?  Will "biodynamic" become illegal?  I think they would have, not
only a free speech objection, but also a freedom of religion objection.  
	It is interesting to see how the discussion has moved from informing each
other to calls to action and now calls to revolt.  "Organic is dead, long
live organic!"  I think we will all be performing multiple steps in this
dance with USDA, and if they don't watch out I might start doing the POGO. 
I plan to hit that at every step in the process with as much passion as I
can manage, merely the energy trapped in an atom.
	I spoke with the Missouri Chapter of OCIA on Saturday and the Missouri
Organic Association board too.  They are getting wound up.  I also spoke to
my master gardener group tonight, and these are not organic activists but
suburban hobbyists, and they were disgusted.  We were meeting in an
extension office, ironically.  In the next week or two I hope to speak with
some back to the landers in Cooper county, Missouri.  While the motion has
been slow to start, it is now putting on steam.  Should we be trying to
extend the comment period into summer?  I like July 4 as our day of
Independence from USDA.
Guy Clark

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