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Press Release
For immediate release: 1/20/98
Contact Steven McFadden -  410-343-0856
Your Food, Your Family, Your Farms
Author will Speak at Barnes & Noble, Long Island, NY

The best way to insure that you and your family are eating clean, healthy
food is to know the people who do the growing, and how they are doing it.
Over the last few years over 100,000 American families who live in cities
and suburbs have starting doing this in partnership with farmers, and so
can many of the households on Long Island, says Steven McFadden, director
of The Wisdom Conservancy and co-author with Trauger Groh of the new book,
"Farms of Tomorrow Revisited," published January, 1998 by the Biodynamic
Farming and Gardening Assoc. McFadden, the author of five other
non-fiction titles, will speak and sign copies of his books, at the Barnes
and Noble bookstore, 380 Walt Whitman Rd, Huntington Station, Long Island, 
NY on Thursday evening, February 5, from 7:30-9 PM.

According to the author, very soon the government will issue new rules
for organic food that, as written, will allow -- and will certify as "USDA
Organic Approved" -- foods that have been genetically altered, fertilized
with municipal sewage sludge, and exposed to irradiation. "That is not
what the public thinks of as clean, healthy, organic food," the author
said." If Oprah Winfrey didn't have a court-imposed gag order on her now,
this is the kind of thing she might have a lot to say about."

The new book by McFadden and Groh, who wrote the first "Farms of Tomorrow
in 1990," outlines these threats, but mainly explores in detail how a
positive new movement called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has
taken root in America over the last ten years.  CSAs have brought over
100,000 US families into direct relationship with the over 1,000 local, US
farms who grow their food. "The movement is continuing to grow," McFadden
says. "People who care about their food, the environment, and their
children, ought to take a close look at CSA and what it can do for them
and the community where they live. It would work great on Long Island." 

The Wisdom Conservancy is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, membership
institute based in Greenville, NH.  The institute's mission is to conserve
and communicate the wisdom of learned and compassionate elders and thereby
encourage the public in cultivating and applying wisdom. 

The Wisdom Conservancy
at Merriam Hill Education Center
148 Merriam Hill
Greenville, NH  03048

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