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what are we to do?
it seems so easy for me to fight for the surrounding bushland as I sit here
on a lush little acre that is worth more than 6000 acres in dryland farming
out west.
I know parts of Australia would be better soil and more forested if they
were chopped up for housing,
given that the houses were NOT enormous and NOT on tiny blocks of land.
After going to the UK and Ireland especially I see the notion of a house
with a garden is quite unusual,
most people live in accommodation with little garden around them much less
trees as we have in our
streets AND gardens here.
Often the top soil in housing estate developments is carted away and sold,
the houses are placed on subsoil
and people have to buy the soil from farmers who are not making soil with
compost or anything forward thinking
like that!!  (this common place in my county)
But people have to live somewhere, Australia has recently tried to limit
immigration, but what we need is to
limit the greed.
If only we could get more permaculture villages up and running!!
Last week I enrolled a student who is a property salesperson in Alaska,
I look forward to his efforts in Village design and Implementation.
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>We are up and running in Virginia with the BuyGreen Virginia
>Partnership.  We would love to link to your site.  Our site:
>This is a partnership between the Virginia Association for Biological
>Farming and Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet. Connecting
>Sustainable Producers and consumers statewide.
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