new/alt. label

FionaNyx FionaNyx at
Sun Jan 18 23:08:33 EST 1998


1) What would the new label be? 
We don't know yet if it will be necessary to work around existing language in
the proposed USDA regs-- it would be nice if we didn't.  That is, if they were
resisted and modified to allow us some reference to the term "Organic".  We
have run a lot of potential terms through this list during the last week.  I
have to say I would object to "NOT USDA Certified Organic" because it could be
applied by conventional growers.   The best label would connect to knowledge
people interested in organics already have-- what about "Tilth Certified Green
Food"?  (Of course, Tilth would have to be involved if their name is to be
used, see next point.)  

2) What standards would the new label reflect?
Can we agree on some?  Which ones?  Could a national Tilth certification
program be gotten off the ground? 

3) How would we get the word out to the public about the new label and educate
them about it?
Can we use the new USDA regs as a standard for comparison, i.e., "USDA says
organic food is X, we require X plus Y, Z... for our label."  Could we use
implementation of the new regs as a lever for public discussion of these
issues?  What public do we want to reach?


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