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Sun Jan 18 21:45:33 EST 1998

That's great...It certainly gets around all labeling limitations and has a
nice revolutionary ring to it.. Good one!  

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>Support Your Local Organic Market Farmer 
>Buy Products With Sustainably Grown, Natural, Ecological,
>Beyondorganic, Biological, Greenfood, Handgrown, Earthfriendly, 
>Wildcrafted, or Biointensive Labelling
>(or labelling from credible certification organizations not
>limited to USDA standards)
>On Sat, 17 Jan 1998, Robert Dixon wrote:
>> I have spent some time the last couple of days reading the proposed 
>> organic rules. If we all fail to get major changes in the wording then 
>> perhaps the simple solution would be to call real organic food NOT 
>That would work as would a total boycott saying:
>Boycott USDA Certified Organic Products
>Boycott Products Certified Organic By USDA Standards
>This would be effective without affecting Oregon Tilth, OCIA,
>CCOF or any other credible certifying organizations.
>> This would tell consumers that is was not produced with sewage sludge 
>> or was not irradiated nor were transgenic plants used. That the 
>> livestock were not given antibiotics and that processed foods 
>> contained the minimum of non organic materials that were absolutely 
>> essential.
>> They have not included that in their list of prohibited phrases and 
>> all the negative publicity will ensure that consumers understand that 
>> all the people they have trusted to produce their food are still doing 
>> a good job.
>> We can still smile a little even though the situation appears serious.
>> NOT USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC, mmm, that has kind of a nice ring to it, 
>> don't you think? 
>> People created this market and have grown it into an expanding global 
>> culture and the USDA and the large corporations are not going to be 
>> able to stop it or co-opt it. We need to increase consumer and grower 
>> contact both face to face and at a distance.
>> I really enjoy all the discussion. Locally I will be trying to contact 
>> our regional certification group and get as much direct farm food as 
>> we can (just in case the proposed rule becomes final...).
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