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We're a creative lot..lets get on it... PureGreen?  CareGrown?  HonestGreen?

Just got a hold of the new 'Organic Gardening Magazine' and ' Yoga
Journal'.. YJ has a big cover spread "Growing Pains..Will Organic Food Stay
Organic?" and a 10 plus page article.  OG doesn't show it anywhere on the
cover but has a 2 pager, 'What is Organic..Soon the USDA will define and
regulate organic food...." Haven't even had a chance to read them yet..just
glad the word is getting out.  I bet there are some good ideas there..


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>I agree with your interpretation Beth.  USDA's intent here is transparent.
>They are attempting to prevent any labeling which informs the consumer,
>"ironically grown" included.  READ SECTION 205.103!  It prohibits any
>labeling that IMPLIES organic, much less any labeling that includes
>"organic".  IT IS AN OUTRAGE!!!
>Steve Moore
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>>>>...I like Beyondorganic Greenfood for starters..Any ideas? I
>>LL wrote:
>>>So do I. I believe your saintly personage has bestowed
>>>upon the organic market farmers of the world a label that
>>>could become a banner to rally behind into the twenty-first
>>>century.  BEYONDORGANIC GREENFOOD. Perfectly appropriate,
>>>a label that says it all. I will use it.
>>>Anyone know if this would be legal under the NOP or will use of it
>>>in the marketplace bring squads of organic control freaks to the farm?
>>Sorry guys, but this is *exactly* what the new rule is intended to prevent.
>>At this point, I guess I'd call anything I grew Ironically Grown.  I don't
>>think they can get me on that.  (Yet.)
>>Beth von Gunten
>>Ventura County, California

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