[NOP-OFPA] and some other issues and opinions (fwd)

Lawrence F. London, Jr. london at sunsite.unc.edu
Sat Jan 17 22:21:03 EST 1998

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On Sat, 17 Jan 1998 blissv at nmhu.campus.mci.net wrote:

> for doing that?! I like Beyondorganic Greenfood for starters..Any ideas? I

So do I. I believe your saintly personage has bestowed 
upon the organic market farmers of the world a label that
could become a banner to rally behind into the twenty-first
century.  BEYONDORGANIC GREENFOOD. Perfectly appropriate,
a label that says it all. I will use it. 
Anyone know if this would be legal under the NOP or will use of it
in the marketplace bring squads of organic control freaks to the farm?


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