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On Sat, 17 Jan 1998, Daniel D. Worley wrote:

>   The primary problem as we see it is the law was not written the way it
> should have been.  It ignores basic contstitutional rights of all citizens
> in parts of its sections and makes a mockery of organic farming in the rest
> of its sections.  The law MUST be changed.

"They" can not legally co-opt the label ORGANIC.

They can create and enforce use of the label CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

>   But...we are not going to get the law changed in time to do anything about
> this proposed rule.  So we do all need to concentrate on writing a clear,
> concise, point by point comment on the proposed rule and send it in before
> the deadline.

A good idea to build support and public acceptance of alternative
labelling, early on, before its too late to do small farmers and market
gardeners any good, in the face of losing their fair share market access
to large scale agribusiness.

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