Details, details

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Sat Jan 17 12:33:04 EST 1998

David Fuller wrote:

"I would love some details as to how we are expected to use fusion reactors
to produce food."

Ah, David, perhaps you are unaware of recent, great strides in political
and scientific technique which have enabled our greatest scientists and
leaders to manufacture entire conceptual structures from nothing more than
thin air. As these techniques are refined, more and more useful (to
Commerce) ideas can be produced from air far thinner than many of we
lowlier life forms would even be able to survive in, much less retain our

According to the most-advanced scientific, philosophical and political
theories (E = mc2, "I think, therefore I am", "I am the environmental
President", etc.) concepts only differ from physical reality on an illusory
level. It requires only a short 'leap of (bald-) face' to propose that
soon, not even thin air will be required as the base material for our food
and other needs. How far behind can production of food from fusion be?

Ok now, as far as actual details -- and granted I'm mighty full of beans --
these are well beyond my simple understanding. Happily, we are assured by
our governing bodies (bankers, industry scientists, advertising executives)
that we can safely leave the details to them. 

Zen Hobo, sitting in for Jack who is once again (or still) taking a
'temporary' leave-of-absence from his senses.

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