"permaculture mousetrap."

David de Vries warning at norex.com.au
Sat Jan 17 05:56:49 EST 1998

"Steve Diver" said
>I wonder, sometimes, if people aren't looking for that
>"permaculture mousetrap."


Mice fill a very important niche and I think this mousetrap idea of yours
is very short-sighted.

If you are having trouble cohabiting with north american omniverous mice
you may wish to consider some excellent marsupial mice we have here in
Australia.  For example, Antechinus stuartii.  It perform a very useful
insectory role around the house, eats no human food and only shits in one
spot.  Males die off after a single, annual mating season due to cortisone
overload so populations stay in check.

That's all for now - have to get back to my mango wine bottling.


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