bermuda grass

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Fri Jan 16 21:04:40 EST 1998

At 11:14 PM 14/01/98 -0000, you wrote:
>Bermuda grass = Cynodon dactylon.
>Listed as important fodder species for the tropics. 
>That's all I have (the book and myself are "temperates").
>UteB (in Ireland)

Ahh! This is known in Australia as the dreaded Couch (pronounced "cooch")
grass. I must admit that I am not averse to JUDICIOUS use of knockdown
herbicide on Couch (i.e. glyphosate). Should be applied in mid to late
spring when growth is vigorous. You will need to follow up with fairly heavy
mulching, and even then, expect some hand removal of runners which have
survived into the following growing season. The non-herbicide alternative is
VERY heavy mulching (we use chipped green waste, byproduct of Council parks
and gardens pruning etc. operations - 20 cm or so layer for suppressing
Couch, and leave until next growing season before trying to plant anything
in it).

Cynodon dactylon is about the only grass in my experience which will
actually grow straight through black plastic sheeting.

Paul Osmond

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