Relax... enjoy your shoes

David Fuller sol3az at
Fri Jan 16 18:58:10 EST 1998

Umm. Jack, I would love some details as to how we are expected to use fusion
reactors to produce food. Any thoughts on the mechanism?  Petroleum, I could
see. Perhaps a sort of carcinogenic tofu, produced from the "mousse" that
solidifies after a brisk wind-whip of crude oil floating on choppy waters.
But fusion.....  okay, even agreeing that there is scientific precedent for
unsuspecting victims being fed fission product radionuclides "just to see
what would happen", it's hard to see where a fusion reactor would reside on
the food chain. Ugly thought, though, Soylent Green you can read by ...

At 04:37 PM 1/16/98 -0500, Jack Rowe wrote:
>Bill Duesing wrote:
>"Farms are the places where green plants capture the solar energy that we
>need to feed ourselves."
>Au contraire, mon frere! I've been reassured by the local (loco?)
>scientists that, when we have exhausted the supply of farmland and green
>plants (currently expected sometime in the next fiscal cycle), we WILL in
>fact be able to obtain our food supplies from existing petroleum reserves,
>and -- as these become exhausted -- directly from nuclear energy. In fact,
>as we 'speak', fusion reactors are being developed which will produce all
>our food from an increasingly-common resource -- polluted water! So... not
>to worry! 
>My main concern is that, as soil resources continue to erode, we may have
>to look further and further afield to find suitable places to stick our
>heads in the sand. That would be sad. 
>Relax, and enjoy your shoes!

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