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Rex Harrill brixman at
Fri Jan 16 17:42:32 EST 1998

Jack Rowe wrote: [snip]

> Bill Duesing wrote:
> "Farms are the places where green plants capture the solar energy that we
> need to feed ourselves."
> Au contraire, mon frere! I've been reassured by the local (loco?)
> scientists that, when we have exhausted the supply of farmland and green
> plants (currently expected sometime in the next fiscal cycle), we WILL in
> fact be able to obtain our food supplies from existing petroleum reserves,
> and -- as these become exhausted -- directly from nuclear energy. In fact,
> as we 'speak', fusion reactors are being developed which will produce all
> our food from an increasingly-common resource -- polluted water! So... not
> to worry!

Enjoyed your humor.  Here's an exchange I pulled off Deja News...

Eric Brooks said:

> >The food is being hit by radiation, period.

and got this reply...

> So is food "hit by radiation" when the sun shines on it. Big deal.
> Tracy

Amazing, amazing, amazing...the "scientists" have brought us a completely new
way to grow crops.  We can simply truck seeds in one end of a blue-glowing
football-field sized "irradiation facility" and haul abundant fruits and
out the other end.

And, quite importantly, the nukin' will destroy all *undesirable* life forms
without harming, in the least, the life forces of the food---or so the
"scientists" say.

But let's not stop here: nuclear waste is so cheap we could have two-for-one
days.  Then we could double-nuke the food and actually increase it's vitality.


Rex Harrill

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