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Fri Jan 16 06:46:37 EST 1998

I wonder, sometimes, if people aren't looking for that
"permaculture mousetrap." 

The rabbit poops over a bed of worms, the worms are then fed
to tilapia fish swimming around in a tank inside a solar greenhouse 
which eat the worms and make more poop and then the float triggers
a pump to suck the fish effluent across to gravel-cultured hydroponic
vegetable beds to ferigate the crops which function as biofliters and 
remove the nutrients so the cleaned-up water can go back to the 
fish tank.  Outside, an arbor is covered with kiwi vines to serve
three functions, intercropped with exotic hanging vegetables and 
vines some are edible and some produce berries which birds come
to eat and the seeds pass through when they make more poop and 
the seeds land in a fencerow which initiates succession amongst 
the nitrogen-fixing trees and shrubs which are serving as an 
alley crop system for annual herbs, flowers, and veggies that make
income to support the family of four human beings who are sort of 
vegetarian but eat the rabbits, fish, and chickens running around 
eating the bugs...Fukuoka- style organic garden...because they believe in 
permaculture but they think "oh, is this ethical?" and then "oh, what the 
hell" there are so many happy ecological songs being sung by all the birds and 
the bees and the trees and the happy squirrels which love agroforestry 
systems, which they started 1-year ago but they just know it will 
work because somebody wrote a book about it, all this in-between 
cleaning the bee hives and tending the sheep grazing merrily in the 
orchard and spinning their wool and shoeing the horse and 
sitting in the solar greenhouse reading a book about human-managed
ecological systems. 

I'd write the second part to this story, about what permaculture 
really is in over-rated system for the average 
land-less urban dweller but nevertheless essential to teach 
every living being on the planet so we can all start shifting 
to permaculture....but I am too busy designing my new 
straw bale house that will house my 7 children that my wife is 
going to home school in her spare time because she is also an 
artist who writes books on sustainable living. 

Steve Diver


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