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On Thu, 15 Jan 1998, FionaNyx wrote:

> What makes me mad is:
> 1) Companies capitalizing on the reputation that has been painstakingly
> constructed without following the principles (use the name, not the spirit).
> 2) Running small organic operations out of business with the costs of
> certification.

And stealing their rightful market share outright by 2)above and
undercutting them through their ability to grow it cheaper (but not
better, necessarily) and sell it cheaper.
> If the corporations want this to happen it's going to happen.  The best we can
> do is make a big stink to inform the consumers who pay attention.  They can
> steal our name, but they can't have our soul...
> The agrobusiness corporations who are stepping into the market for organic
> products have enough money to fight indefinitely.  Why waste our energy
> fighting this?  Maybe it's not a bad thing for them to create a market for
> farm production that is better than a lot of what happens now.  Maybe we just
> need to pick a new name for what we do so we can distinguish us from them--
> like Beyondorganic or Greenfood or Handgrown or Earthfriendly...

Labelling using the words natural, ecological,
sustainable or biointensive or use of the BuyGreen label (see info below):

Jeanne A. Nye
nyej at
VABF Project Coordinator
BuyGreen Virginia Partnership
540 633-6633 w & fax
540 633-0089 h
BuyGreen at

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