Salicaceae family trees in sustainable agroecosystems

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<<Apologies for cross-posting.

Thought, this looked interesting. 

Source at the bottom.

As it happens I have planted willows, not poplars at the bottom of our

sloping goat field, hence the name of our place: "Sailchearnach" which is

the Irish for goatwillow ... I am very fond of both) to catch nutrients

which try to sneak out of our place. In a few years, they'll be big enough

to feed some branches back to the goats and they will provide shelter.

Now here seems to be proof of the pudding.



Hi Ute:

When I gave the first PC course in Ireland back in 1987, someone showed me
some articles on the use of Hybrid Willows there, reflecting and citing
considerable research.  Sandro Caffola or Richard Web is likely to know more
about the research, where it was reported, and what it came to. I know I was
much more impressed with hybrid willow than I am with hybrid poplar after
reading the lists.  Stock are quite fond of willow, or maybe you can raise
beavers.   :-)

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