Growth of PC

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Thu Jan 15 12:46:19 EST 1998

Rene made some great points:

First: "Jack... and Dan seem to be antagonising each other... I'm very
sorry to see this niggling."... I agree, Rene, and I apologize to Dan and
others who have been offended by my sometimes too-harsh, sometimes too-flip
responses. Really. I'm trying to learn some manners -- and the occasional
wisdom of judicious silence when I feel my sardony piping in too loudly. 

Rene: "What I'd love to see is an interactive database... [that] I could
add my comments and experience [to]..." This precisely what I was
envisioning, because there is a GREAT deal of collective experience on
these lists. For several years I've felt a need for more-specific,
climate/bioregional working manuals -- with the flexibility to be adapted
to individual designs -- that people can use as starting points to
place-specific designs. Like the sort of climate-specific materials
available from Ag Extension agents, but sane.

I do, personally, like the idea of protecting -- or at least not
duplicating -- the huge efforts of Dan, April et al in taking the time and
initiative to put courses on the web.

Michael Yount at Communications for a Sustainable Future
( has also put together an incredible group of pages.
Now we all owe it to ourselves and to them to USE this resource and make it
the actual toolkit they've planned it to be. I don't see a more inexpensive
and accessible way for all this to happen than on the web, though I DO want
to see the materials make it into print. I see collaborative web work as a
preliminary step. 

Rene: "Somehow I can't help thinking that it isn't really want of details,
but fear of starting that is the problem."... I'm sure that the problem, as
always, is BOTH. We can supply both the details which exist (chickens
everywhere need lots of calcium), AND the moral support which is probably
the main function of this list.

Re: How much are courses really worth? Truthfully they ARE "life
changing/enhancing experiences"... vis-a-vis free vs market value, the
middle road is dictated because the fact is that Time's a-wastin'... and in
ecosytem destruction and species loss -- as in golf -- the lowest score

Lastly: "...symposium.... a drinking party with intellectual discussion..."
Geez, this is a MUCH better definition than the one I was using! 


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