Signing off this list for now

YankeePerm YankeePerm at
Thu Jan 15 12:29:22 EST 1998

Given that our work on the land and on our publications is falling way behind
schedule, I'm giving up participation in most of the lists I'm on, including
this one.  (I"m staying on the greenbuilding list because I need their help
with our permaculture center).  

I joined this list mainly to be of service to people trying to take practical
measures to live permaculturally.  Anyone can continue to ask concerete
questions of me at YankeePerma at  It probably is best to check this list
first and I would really, really appreciate it if you can repost any response
to this list so that any other person with an interest in the answer can
benefit.   Also it may stimulate added info that benefits you.  I will set up
a file for such requests but I cannot answer more than one daily.  (I had more
than 125 posts to deal with so far today and I have not yet opened my course
mail box where an increase in my time is needed to account for the stage we
are in the course.)

Probably I'll be back when we get things better organized, we have no out of
season flooding to deal with, and we have a more reasonable publication
schedule working.  Meanwhile, if I may offer a suggestion, I suggest that
someone sets up a news group along the same lines as this list.   As I
understand the news group concept, and I belong to about 30, one can drop in,
read posts and reply if appropriate, at will.  If not, no mail appears in your
mail box.  Instead of coming to the user, the user goes to the group.  In some
cases, mailing lists such as this are posted on the newsgroup, too, so that a
wider discussion takes place.

Best wishes.  

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We don't have time to rush.

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