Nat. 'Organic' Standrds

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Thu Jan 15 11:35:22 EST 1998

First, Pillage Agriculture stole indigenous genetic materials from all over
the 'third' world (many members of which had well-developed agricultures
while Europeans, who I guess are 'first' worlders, were still wearing
skins). Then they hybridized the indigenous food plants, and set up an
extensive system of extortion -- based on collusion between banks and
national pillage-agriculture extension services -- which forced 'third
world' farmers to use the hybridized seed versions of their own low-input,
productive food varieties developed over millenia. The resulting neglect
and loss of around 60% - 90% of the original locally-adapted genetic
materials is well documented (eg, 'Shattering: Food, Politics and the Loss
of Genetic Diversity', Fowler and Mooney, etc.). Thus was produced the
international pillage system which resulted in more efficient removal from
poor countries around the world of more US currency, whose color lends its
name to the extortion scheme itself -- 'Green' Revolution.

Now the organic standards... same plot, superficially different details.
The old patterns of pillage will not likely 'go quietly into that dark

Another great reason for locally-produced, CSA or similar style food
production wherein we get our food from persons we know and trust --
'organic' labels be damned (as apparently is already the case). 


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