Organic Standards? (fwd)

Elizabeth Ackermann lizacker at
Thu Jan 15 09:35:24 EST 1998

Greetings all!

I'm sure we're all interested in the proposed "Organic Standards" the the
USDS would like to impose on organic farmers. The two recent posts have
been interesting.

If you would like to read the rules for yourself they are available at :

This web site also provides an opportunity for you to submit you comments
on the rules by inernet.

The AMS is pleased to offer all interested parties the  opportunity to
comment electronically on this proposed  rule or by sending your written
comments to:
Eileen Stommes, Deputy Administrator, USDA, AMS, TM,
 NOP, Room 4007-S, AgStop 0275, P.O. Box 96456,
 Washington, DC 20090-6456, or by fax (one copy) to
  (202) 690-4632.

Comments must be submitted on or before March 16. To facilitate the timely
processing and consideration of  all written and faxed comments, please
identify your comment with docket number TMD-94-00-2. Persons  submitting
written or faxed comments are requested to  identify the topic and section
number, if applicable, to which the comment refers: for example, a comment
regarding feed for organic livestock would reference Livestock and Section
><end snip><

Comments already received by the USDA are also available for viewing
on-line. I read a few in the "general comments" catagory. That was
interesting. Emotions are, understandably, running high, but the comments
were really all over the place. This is not a criticism. The govenment
needs to understand our anger/concern/panic as well as our billiant logic
and well thought-out rebuttals. ;-)

Reading government documents makes me pretty queasy, but I guess I'll forge
through this one a bit at a time. I'd be interested in reading list
member's reactions to specific parts of the legislation. Perhaps that would
be of help to all in forming a comprehensive and comprehensible response to
send to the USDA.

Best wishes to all,

(coming out of pc-newbie lurk mode)

Liz Ackermann
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