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Subject: Soils & Testing:  Summary of Current Practices

Soil Feature/Food Quality and Testing Methods

Feature                      Tests
Mineral/Chemical       N-P-K-Lime
                                   Base Saturation/CEC
                                   Cardy Meters  (Nitrates-Potassium)
                                   Tissue Tests
                                   Nitrate test strips
                                   pH Meter
                                   EC Meter (Electrical Conductivity)
                                   ORP Meter (Oxidation-Reduction)

Physical                    USDA Soil Health Test Kit
                                  Compaction = Penetrometer
                                  Water infiltration
                                  Soil aggregation
                                  Soil/Sand Separator

Organic Matter        % O.M.
                                 Humus Value
                                 Circular Chromatography
                                 Potential pH
                                 Hydrogen Peroxide 

Microbial                  Soil Foodweb analysis
                                 Microbial counts and functional groups
                                 Formazan (Dehydrogenase activity)
                                 Cotton Bioassay Strips

Energetic                  Paramagnetism (PCSM Meter)
                                 EC Meter (ERGS)

Food Quality            Brix = Refractometer
                                 Vitamin C test strips
                                 Nitrate test strips
                                 Darkfield Microscopy (cellular)
                                 Circular Chromatography

This is a summary of soil & food quality features 
with a list of current tests in use by labs and farmers. 

Ya'll got any comments or additions?  

Steve Diver

steved at

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