Bermuda grass

David Fuller sol3az at
Wed Jan 14 16:52:07 EST 1998

I hate to commit heresy, here, but what are the side effects of using
glyphosphate herbicides on Bermuda.  My admittedly limited understanding was
that these compounds travelled into the root systems to poison transport
mechanisms, and that they were pretty decisive for these stolon creepers.
Additionally, they were broken down rapidly by soil microbes....

Am I ill advised?  I am all for recycling, even herbicides!  As long as the
products are harmless... 

Yours, David Fuller.

At 08:12 PM 1/13/98 EST, YankeePerm wrote:
>In a message dated 1/12/98 11:22:22 PM, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any experience in successfully removing Bermuda grass?
>Someone had once suggested to layer cardboard down on top of it to block
>the sunlight, and even punch holes through the cardboard and plant
>mangles or the like.  Obviously, this particular type of grass is very
>tenacious and the roots can go very deep into the soil and will travel a
>great distance to search for and seek out light.  
>Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
>Jenifer White
>Central Valley, California
>(it is raining quite heavily now, so the ground is very soft, if not
>Hogs will uproot it.  It may take a few years as the stolons go very deep.
>I've hit water table where I've dug deep here, and still there are stolons.
>Sheet mulch will have to be repeatedly reapplied as the grass punches through.
>You could also use the area as a poultry run.   They will suppress any kind of
>grass over time.  It is otherwise a very difficult problem.  However I find
>that in inner zones I'm not troubled by it much--just pull and remulch as I
>putter around.
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