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FionaNyx FionaNyx at
Tue Jan 13 21:55:54 EST 1998

Dear Frank,

I hear your frustration.  But this list is a conversation on the topic of
permaculture-- like any list, the people who post talk about their concerns of
the moment.  Most of us are very busy.  It's not realistic to expect to just
listen in & learn about the field as a whole.  I have seen your posts saying
you want to learn "about permaculture".  Well, nobody is going to sit down and
write you a reply that lays it all out because it's just too big.  

People are working on getting various sorts of information online, but most of
us are relatively new to computers AND only doing it part time.  Have you
searched the web & internet using several different search engines?  There is
quite a bit of stuff around.  Also, if you want I can send you a list of the
permaculture-related sites that I've collected.  

I think your best tactic for learning here would be to ask specific questions
about problems you are trying to solve at your place, solutions you are
considering, etc.  

Your education is your own job.  You have to reach, seek, ask and ask again.
Asking better questions usually works better than criticizing...

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