Bermuda grass

Jack Rowe jackrowe at
Tue Jan 13 14:21:32 EST 1998

Use care when dealing with Devas, and and keep your sense of humor engaged
(always a good idea, anyway)... I love Devas for cosmic conversations, but
they're quirky little characters and as far as getting work out of them,
they are more apt to give you what they think you need than what you think
you want... 

If you use the cardboard trick, be very careful with the laps and wet the
cardboard to keep it in place before covering with dirt or it'll shift and
let the 'horizontal bamboo' escape. 

Remember the dictum -- when dealing with any non-clumping bamboos, of which
bermuda grass is one of the true potentates -- "Once you open a can of
worms, the only way to put them back is to use a larger can".


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