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Tue Jan 13 13:51:15 EST 1998

Here's a short notice that Kim Swearingen asked me to forward,
about her interesting, interactive PC web page:


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RE:	Permaculture The Earth

Permaculture the Earth ( is a new interactive site 
designed for the environmental and sustainable development community.  

Using the web as an illustration of permaculture's system of connections, 
this site links articles and resources to an interactive "forum" of 
topic-organized discussions.  There participants can post 
questions/comments and view past conversations in an extremely user 
friendly format.  It is a way for those studying permaculture and other 
environmental sciences to easily tap into each others experience and 
expertise. From architecture to zoology, Permaculture The Earth provides 
an opportunity to exchange information and experiences from every 
bioregion around the world.

Permaculture the Earth also offers a member generated calendar of events 
and will feature a showcase of innovative Permaculture Designs.

Kim Swearingen (aka strawboss)
Permaculture The Earth

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